Wednesday, 19 June 2013

REN kit for sensitive skin: Review

A few days ago I purchased the REN kit for sensitive skin on a whim. This kit includes a 25ml Hydra-calm cleansing gel, a 15ml F10 smooth and renew mask, a 10ml Omega 3 Night repair serum and a 15ml Hydra-Calm Global protection day cream. As the name suggests these products are all aimed toward sensitive skinned folks therefore all contain gentler or generally less ingredients than the other products from REN. The products from REN all state that they contain NO: parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, T.E.A, D.E.A, glycols, silicones, PEGS. To me this is very impressive and is really what interested me in the brand to begin with. Anyway, on to the review...

Lets start with the cleanser first. This cleanser is very very lightly foaming and feels very silky on the skin and is also of a very liquidy consistency, I sometimes can struggle to get this to lather...however this does not mean it is not cleansing the skin. I found this to be a pleasant enough cleanser and very refreshing, however I am a lover of balms and cream cleansers. Anyone searching for a gentle foaming cleanser that won't strip your skin should give this one a try.

Now the F10 Smooth and Renew mask, this is a strange one, the texture is very much reminiscent of marmalade, and it is also the same colour. I believe it is a gentler version of the Glycolactic Radiance renewal mask, and it's job is to gently exfoliate and reveal a brighter complexion. Just pop this on to cleansed dry skin and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing (which might I add is refreshingly easier than with most masks). I found after using this my face was much more even toned and felt slightly plumper.

Next up is the Omega 3 Night repair serum. Which is an oily textured serum which is to be used at night obviously, underneath your moisturiser. I found it's texture to be a tiny bit heavy however in the morning my skin looked very calm and even toned which was nice because I do suffer from a little redness in my skin. 

Finally the Hydra-Calm global protection day cream, this cream smells lovely and is a very good texture, not to thin or thick and greasy, it moisturises very well and doesn't upset my skin. It is quite a thick cream however it absorbs very well and leaves skin plumped. 

Overall I am very impressed with this kit and if I had to pick I would love to repurchase the F10 smooth and renew mask, and the Hydra-calm global protection day cream, as these made the most difference to my skin and smell beautiful.

Frances x


  1. Hey :) nice review. I've just recently purchased the kit and am nervously awaiting for it :)) I know it's pretty wrong but I have high hopes.

    1. I hope you like it, I still use the global protection day cream! It's fantastic!

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